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the image shows some children, sitting in theater seats, with curious, happy expressions and attentive to what is happening on stage, they all look straight ahead and smile

Photo: Cris Lima

Photo: Jussara Miranda (Image Bank)


CID Integrated Development Center

Rua Fernandes Vieira, 553

Bom Fim, Porto Alegre, RS.


stage 1: MAY
stage 2: JUNE
stage 3: JULY

TÓIN DANCE AND LITTLE GUESTS (2024) is the fourth project to make up the TÓIN DANCINFÂNCIA Program from Muovere Cia de Dança. In addition to this, the Program hosts TÓIN: DANCE FOR BABIES (2012); TÓIN: DANCE FOR SECOND CHILDHOOD (2017) and MUNDOS TÓIN (2021).

Project School, TÓIN DANCE AND LITTLE GUESTS is committed to the sustainability of Muovere Cia's repertoire along with children's creative processes. By proposing original themes and encouraging the participation of all children in collaborative activities, it values individual and collective skills and knowledge.

The activity is made up of workshops and School Exhibition.


General direction: Jussara Miranda

Coordination and Artistic Direction: Joana Amaral

Team: Nilton Graffree Jr, Luisa Dias da Rosa, Giulia Baptista Vieira and Rafaela Machado

Production: Giulia Baptista Vieira

Children's Public Creation

Tóin: Dance and Little Guests

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