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In the image there is a project logo, which consists of a stylized sphere with intertwined lines and circles in lilac, blue and white colors, on a black background. Below the sphere, "techlab" is written in lowercase black letters and next to it, "movere35" in lowercase letters with the color starting in pink and gradient to blue.

Muovere Cia de Dança is a collaborative artistic-cultural enterprise founded 35 years ago.
Created by Jussara Miranda, the concept parodies the representation of a nucleus orbited by bodies formed by independent artists, who, in constant movement, generate other and new creative cycles.

The Company's role in the development of artistic segments and the actors involved are arranged in this project through the diversity of activities: exchange, mediation, training, technology, creation and exhibitions with access and accessibility.

TECHLAB.35 is an intervention in time and space. It is an emancipatory project involving the first to fourth generations of the Company with the purpose of providing the sharing of knowledge and learning.


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