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Photo: Cris Lima

Photo: Cris Lima


Oficina Olga Reverbel Theater of the Multipalco Cultural Complex of Theatro São Pedro
Praça Marechal Deodoro s/nº

Historic Center, Porto Alegre, RS


DATES: JULY 12, 13 AND 14.

The session on 12/07 will be free, with distribution of passwords. And it will have attitudinal accessibility and audio description (AD) resources with 20 seats reserved for the visually impaired.

DESVIO DE CENA is a dance show, whose choreography is delimited by a graphic drawn on the floor of the scene. The version to be presented next July “DE CENA” is a provocative arrangement where the track, light, dancers and audience follow paths through which they formulate choreographic trajectories, altering the perception of the scene from the observer and the observed. The piece is intended for indoor and outdoor formats.

DURATION: 30min / Age recommendation: free


General and choreographic direction: Jussara Miranda

Artistic direction: Diego Mac

Coordination: Denis Gosch

Performers : Annita Brusque, Denis Gosch, Didi Pedone and Letícia Paranhos.

Production: Jack Garcia

Press office: Bruna Paulin

Lighting technician: Maurício Moura

Costumes: Cia

Visual identity: Sandro Ka

Website and Social Media: Rafaela Machado

Photos: Cristina Lima, Gui Malgarizzi

Repertoire Show

Scene Deviation

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