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Repertoire Show

Signal Deviation


Photo: Fab Lütz

Photo: Fab Lütz


Corner Rua da República and José do Patrocínio
Cidade Baixa, Porto Alegre, RS.
Free Event

Date & Time

05/11/2024 at 12:30 pm

Duration: 30min
Age Recommendation: free

DESVIO SINAL is an improvised urban intervention based on themes and tasks proposed by an artist who also works as a DJ and is carried out on the graphic route of a safety lane at the time of the traffic lights.

Signal Deviation Technical Data Sheet:

General and choreographic direction: Jussara Miranda

Artistic direction and acting: Diego Mac

Coordination: Denis Gosch

Performers : Annita Brusque, Denis Gosch, Didi Pedone and Letícia Paranhos and Joana Amaral

Production : Giulia Baptista

Press office: Bruna Paulin

Costumes : Cia

Visual identity: Sandro Ka

Website and Social Media: Rafaela Machado

Photos: Cristina Lima, Fab Lütz and Gui Malgarizzi

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