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Photo: Patrícia Araujo

Photo: Patrícia Araujo


Dance Room of the Multipalco Cultural Complex of Theatro São Pedro
Praça Marechal Deodoro s/nº

Historic Center, Porto Alegre, RS

Date & Time

07, 08 and 09/06

06/07: FL (10-11:30am)/ PT (2-3:30pm)/ PC (4-5:30pm)

06/08: FL (10-11:30am)/ PT (2-3:30pm)/ PC (4-5:30pm)

09/06: FL (9-10:30 am)/ PT (11-12:30 pm)/ PC (1-14:30 pm)

Flying Low and Passing Through are complementary contemporary dance techniques created by David Zambrano (Venezuela/ Belgium). David is a nationally recognized choreographer and teacher having presented his work and taught his techniques, Flying Low and Passing Through in more than 50 countries. In 2010, Clarice Lima participated in the intensive 50 Days Flying Low & Passing Through in San José, Costa Rica, where 50 dancers from all over the world studied these two techniques for 50 days, and since then she has been teaching classes, workshops and workshops on these techniques all over the world. Brazil.


Course | Workshop

Clarice Lima (SP)

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